Wednesday, August 5, 2009

QUESTCHON TIME: WHy r u not asping as much??

Yes, this reader is write to say I am not doing the asp as much, and NO it is not bc i am try to do a suicide! LOL.

Hey, how come you don't blog anymore? I liked reading your blog before you
went to the hospital. I cant wait to come visit you soon!

-Aunt Helena

It is bc of 3 things:

1) Playin with my best friend PERCY who is now also my brother!!

2) Workin at the 99 cent book store, but maybe one day at the 500 cent book store, whoa!

3) Sleepin and bein sad bc my family hates me SOOOO much an noboy respecctts me ad i cant write good and want to be a big in HollyWood! LOL

These 3 things makes it very hard to keep an ASP because no of the motivashon. But soon, i will! O, do u like my asp?! LEAVE A COMMETN!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Moon landing and faked!

HAHA I just found out aboiut how we faked it on the moon for the landing, and it was the best MOVIE ever of all time that it was faked LOL! I think we also faked the time when mars attackeds earth in the movie "MARS ATTACKS" bc if it was were real, then how come my parent do not remember wehen it happend??

SO many ppl know we faked on the moon and some ppl even say its impossible to land ion the moon bc it is powder like GOLD BOND. But the Buchcheney faked it bc of all the evil they make.

LOL here is an asp idea of greatness! WHOA! I am excited!!!!! It is an idea about what IF ... WHAT IF,... what if the moon landings was real actual????? OMG

In other news: Soon i will have another writing tutuor to ghelp me write these ASPS better, so it will be better than OK! Also, I am writing more for my scirpt and re-works it. Do u rememver it is called THEW EYES OF BINTOOBOLOBECK???? I will psot some of the scirpts on my asp!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where O WHere have i been?!?! LOL

WTF u may be thinkin where haves I been, and thats OK 2 me that u think thaqt if it means only u missed me. OK i admitted it. I missed u 2!!!

I was at the hospital for SOOOOOO many days and now I'm back with percy at home, bc my parents now adopted percy, bc originaql i found out that they adaptewd him as a replace me when I went to hospital back when I was only 21 but that wasnt too long agio?? I thought he was my freind but really he was a replacin me, but thats ok now bc i have medisines so i dont haqte no more.

First i ran to away, then to the hospiotal, then to home LOL! an now my mama thinks im insane in the membrain! LOL WTF ROTFL

My english tutot for rwrirtring quit so now i have noboy to help me but i still want tomake movies in hollywoods an I will MOVE there soon, so god bless an I will ASP about it and if this is ur first time then WELCOME and if not then WELCOME BACKK an if u hate it then GO AWAY becaus I am getting angfryier and angrier and more frustrate,. I AM THIRTY-7 NOW!

Happy birthday me.

Here is an ASP idea! man is craz biut really is genus that takes over te world with a secret weapon and the weapon is for the rusians and aklso he is in a wheelchar.

OOOO MAN i am tired from my fitrst asping but C u soon!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

GFoing to HOLLYWOOD and New movie- the egyptian Theef

hey buddies and FFANS! i was thinki ng about how long it's been since i made an ASP and that it was too long since i got out of the hopital awhile ago and now and why havent i yet made lots of ASPS?!?! so i have much to say and do in this aSP post with catching up and movie "scripts" and anron news which is the most exciting!!! praise Jesus CHrits!

soooooo the first and BEST thing is that i got released back home anbd me parents said if i wonted too we'd go to l.a. where they make films and i cld do a tour and see some famus stars and get to maybe do some movies of my own 2!!!!!!! i cant believe it! lol!

EVEN BETTER THO~~~~~~..........they said if i asked i cld bring my mentor and best frend and directer ANRON!!!!!!!whoa! wow! wow! so i wrote to him an email and he hasnt sad yes yet but i kno he will soon and then it will be a week in hollywood together for us and we can MAKE films and SEE films and go on rides! anron smiley for the trip :- { ) > i kno this time he will say YES and come and we;'ll have the best fun i've evcer had and it will make lall the time i spent in that stupid hospital practicing for him WORTH IT! lol!! bucket of laughs and cups of smiles!!!1

another thing is i just thoght of a greant new movie i dea which i will wroite and make and maybe show anron when we go to l.a. and it is called "the egyptan theef" and is autobiographical about anron! he will like it alot. its about an egyptian man who is very poor because no one likes his movies and they are BAD.then one day he gets an idea if instead of making his own movies he czn trick someone into giving him ideas for advise and then he can make that persons movies instead and not pay him and say he hates him but the movies the perosn makes are REALLY good and anron gets famus but the person is MAD and goes 'how will i prove to everyone thaat the movies are mine and not this egyptian man's whose badand is a lire!!!" and he thinks of a plan where he tells the man that he will take him on a FREE trip to hollywood but wehn they get there he will tell everyone that the egyptian man is a fake and a bad guy and he will not pay for his ticket home so the theef will be stuck in l.a. and starve till he dies. i think the movie will be 3 hours long and mayb there will be a chase seen where the egyptian theef is going through the pyramids to get my movie ideas. what do YOU thinks?!
fun fact of the day: the world is mostly water but ts so salty it will give you brain damage when you drink too much if you fall into it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

HOLY OMG, WTF wher was i LOL!?!

OK so yes ur sayin like ok wtf bc where have I BEEN?!?!?! LOLOLOLOLoloLOLO
It is like half yr since I last rote an ASP, andc thereason is a good one. Basicly i was out of the hospitel but then when i got home my parentes did not want me back wich is sad bc i workd hard to bcecome a good writrr and now i dont care anymore at all no way no how lol. so i lived like in the stret in madison and sometims ppl would give me stuff or like i culd stay w them and i was nice also too but i hav not asped in so long or made any "SCRIUPTS" that i am trying hard now to get good agan so ples be pashnt.


I made a script that was sort of like BINTOOBOLOBECK but a short script that ok it will be so cool i will send it to anron-my-mentor-who-broke-my-heart and he will like it sort of maybe i hope lol. My parents have now let me come back into the home bc i said i was sorry for keeping percy loked in a closet in the basement for 8 days when everyone thout that maybe he was missing and like lookd in the woods for him and stuff, and this all happen when i got back from the hospitel bc i mised percy and didnt want him to leav lol!!!

But also good news also! I came back just at my favorit time of the year: THE TIME TO DO THE TAX!!!!!!!!11 (u can see my post also from last year about the tax too which is below and it is called TAXES MAKE ME SOMETHING AND ALSO NOT DO A SUICIDE or something like that i forget. Whooa!!!!)!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Back from the Hospital and Doing an ASP in Word(s?)!!!!

Jesus Crumbs! So I was just released from the hospital yesterday, and I just got back home to Madison! The doctors at the hospital helped me change a lot, and convinced me that doing a suicide WON'T solve my problems and will only make my fans very sad. But also, I changed in another way too... Bucket of laughs!

How did I change also? Well… I am on the road to becoming an excellent writer!! This is first of all because of the writing tutor that I had, whose name was Jim Canton and his hair was red and he wore glasses, which means he is very smart. But also, it is because my best friend Percy sent me an email with a TIP, which was to write my ASP and all my writing of "scripts" in a program called "Word"! I thought this was very strange, because before this I thought that the program "Word" only let you write out just one word, like maybe a very long and complicated one like "Categorization" or "Caterpillar-like". If the program is to do more than one word it should be called WordS, which is many of them, and not Word which is just one.

But now I know that it does many Words, and also that it can help my writing by doing a SPELLCHECK! That means that when I write a word that is not spelled good, it makes a red line under the word and then I go and I take out some letters or maybe even add more until the red line goes away. Also sometimes there is a green line that goes under a lot of words, but this was confusing because doesn't a green line mean GOOD? But Percy told me with the green line you should move words to different orders and sometimes take out words or make new commas until the green line goes away because the green line is bad. This makes writing much longer but it also makes it better (For example, instead of "better" I first wrote "more good" but that became a green line [also I wrote "writed" but that green-lined and became wrote"]) to read by my FANS, who are very smart and want to read words that are spelled like in the dictionary and in a good order too that doesn't get a green line.

Here are some things I learned: LOL is not a word, and also OMG is not a word. L8R is spelled Later, without an 8. Also "u" isn't a short way of saying "you" like "a" is short for "the"... I was very surprised by all of this, but my 8 th grade teacher from 20 years ago Mr. Garofolo told me it is true and he said something really smart, that instead of LOL I could say BUCKET OF LAUGHS! And also instead of OMG I could say JESUS CRUMBS…. Bucket of laughs!!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Holloweaen Comes to the Hospitl!!! LOL!!!

OMG!! This maybe is the best HOlloweaean EVER bc my BFF whos name is Percy who I write about alot and just came to visit me a few days ago too also came back to visit me again and also we got to do an AWESOME trickertreat!! Also bc the doctors told me that I can go home in a week .... OMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!! Here is a pic from Percy and me doing a trickertreat in the hopsital. Cool!

Monday, September 17, 2007

NEW UPDATE!: Percy visits me at hospoital: AWESOME AND COOL!

ok so i dont get so much time anmore at the computer u kno, right, and the hospitle is REALLLY boring like a horrible time without anythin to do really. but now i have some minutes that they let me go to use this computer and phew now i get at leats to make an ASP!! Awesome@ right so now i will tell u some about what is going on with me.

percy came to visit me in the hospitle on sunday which was so COOL! we had a great time. it was his first time to visit me here and i showed him everything and the weird people to avoid and where cool things are like the cafaterea. it was fun for me and edcasional for percy. but he didnt get to stay very long but he did give me his dessert at lunch so i had TWO!!! :-)

also as u shld kno i am wotrking on my writing now and to change into a different person so when i get out next time i will be a really great screenwriter and anron will not recognise me and i cld sneak up on him from behind. i have a tuter who comes and teaches me new things and he says i'm progressing which is like moving a head. i spend two hours every day with him except for wekends and i also do extra work for him on weekends so i will get better. i cant wait until i'm back and ready to challenge annron and show him what i can do.

i think when i get out of here ithink ill change my name to Ogden Grisp.

Friday, August 24, 2007

bacK in my HOSpitle, learning how to with writing

to my FANS- i think i owe u guys an apolajy bc why haventy i been ASPing alot lately like i used to? its a very good question u ask and her's the anser, im back in my old hospitle like where i was before i started my asP at x-mas last year. now i only get to use the computers just a little each week and sometimes dont have so much time to do ASPs bc im busy doing other things with the computer lol! so as u can tell i wont be doing many asps now or many long ones at the least....i came back to the hospitle bc anron said to me too many mean things and surely id have done a suicide if i wasnt back here. BIG news! Samuel a man who was here las time i was in was shot trying to excape!!! oh my god! but its ok samuel was ajerk and he was not a nice guy. :)

below pls you will see a photo of my hospitle from the air!! i live in the building that looks like H in the middle of two others that look like H. my roof is alittle whiter in the pic so u kno which one i mean.

my hope is to come from the hospitle as a new man with great chances to suceed. ill take writing lessons too until i become such a good writer that anron kills himself with jelosy.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Anron Shorr: EX mentor, EX freind

Dear FANS, I am really sorry to say that I have lost my freidn and mentor anron shorr, who said that my scrurpt THE EYES OF BINTOOBOLOBECK was unreadable and then he said dont talk to me anymore. It has not really hit me yet but when it does i think i might get very sad like supersad and not get out of bed for like a year or maybe even a month or too.

To hlp my sadness Percy made this slideshow, that, is about me and Anron and how mcuh of good freinds we are. This pictures r from when I went to Bostom to visit him. We really really did all this stuff and it was fun and even tho he hates me now and i think he is the meaniest person eever, i still have good memoriues of that trip lol :-(

Also u can see a big verzion of it her at

:-( so sad :-(

Saturday, July 7, 2007


O.M.G. this is going to be a HUGE asp post, bc so many things havbe happened in my film carear in the last weeks that my FANS need to know about! And guess what??? There is a surprise ending at the end! Whoa. (if u dont want to read it than maybe u can download a prograrm to read it too u, like, percy once shoed me how to do that…. Cool!).!

OK so here is some backround. I have been emailing anronon, my mentor and famous director of Egypt, alot… but he doesnt respond? So i thought maybe that he was busy with many things (I wrote asps down lower on my asp about what I think he may be busy with, did u read that?) and also was too busy too read my emails. So I sent emails to ppl in his company saying is he ok??? Is he maybe sick or in hospital bc if he is I could snd hi flowrrs like my mom sends me flowrs when they put me in the hospital too?? But then i got an email back from some1 who was really mean and who had a really strange name like Michal Dubstdwdhy. So stupid a name. This is the email:

Dear James,

I recently received your email asking about Arnon's whereabouts, and I have spoken to him about this issue. Let me reassure you that he is not sick, hurt or otherwise indisposed. He is perfectly fine, save for a certain parasite: you. In the last few weeks you have relentlessly tormented him with a stream of nonsensical emails and bizarre demands.

Let me make something clear. You have not heard from Arnon because Arnon doesn't like you. He finds you infantile, annoying and downright creepy. You will not hear from him or anyone else connected to OxRock ever again for those reasons. You would do yourself and others a favor by permanently ceasing to make contact with Arnon or any of his friends and coworkers. If you don't heed this warning, then legal action may have to be used to stop you.

Whatever it is you want to do with your life, neither he nor anyone else he knows is willing or able to help you. I assure you that these sentiments come not only from myself (though I endorse all of them), but from Arnon as well. His wish to avoid contact with you is so great, that he refuses to do so even to explain to you what I just have.

Because you seem to have difficulty understanding language at a sixth-grade reading level, I'll repeat myself in as simple terms as I can: NEVER EMAIL, MAIL, CALL, SPEAK TO OR OTHERWISE ATTEMPT TO CONTACT ARNON SHORR OR ANYONE ELSE HE KNOWS EVER AGAIN.

That includes me.


So of course even tho i wanted to do it when i got this, I remembered th doctors told me from last time that instead of going and making a sucicide when i get bad emails that i should THINK about it. So I did!!!! And I realized: Dbsufojsdhfy was JEALOS!!! Ad so I didnt do it. Instead I sent him this email::::::

Thanx for telling me anron is OK. I was very happy when i read the first sentense.

BUT:::: whe i read the rst of the email i became very sad and also mad too and then i was like omg why is this so mean?? and the i thought no email can be this madmaking unless this person michael MEANT to make me mad, I AM MAD. I do not like ur tone to me and also i think that u r lying. I also asked my best freind Percy and also he thinks ur lying too!!!!! We both agree that porbably u work for OxRox but Anron doesnt like u bc how many "scripts" have u written?! How many ASPS hjave u bloged or asped?!?!?? Probaly ZERO. HAve u even read my ASP, which is my blog?! Or my "scripts"?!?!?!

In my emails to anron i lik to talk about pERCY Bcause i LIKE percy and he is my freind and also helps me make ideas for my ASP and for "scripts" but how many times has anron in his emails to me (OH AND THAT IS ANOTHER THING IF ANRON HATES ME THEN WHY WOULD HE EMAIL ME SO MUCH?!) in anron's emails to me has h ever mention YOU?! NEVER!! he NEVER says ANYTHING about his friend "Michael" NEVER. If PERCY wrote an email to anron anron would kno it was real bc he knows about percy but i do not think u r for real, i thik u r just jealous bc maybee u have seen Bintoob0olobck the "script" and kno that even if u were as smart as a scintist u couldnt do better!!!! U r porbably an incrdible trite and gimick ad i think thats why anron hates u, bc he hates trite and gimmick.

Maybe u have been to film collage for 2 yrs like Anron likes. SO WHAT. I have been asping for ovr a yr and sooon it will b TWO years, and asping is much better than film collage is ever gfoing to help anyone.

If u want to be friends and I could be ur mentor, and teach u howto ASP, then u can apologize and we can be friends and i can be ur mentoir to u. But if u just want to make me mad annd make me tantrum like just now then pls dont even email me, thx.


PS.(notice how u r not critically acclaimed)

I also sent anron an mail to tell him to fire Dbiifhdsfjihy!!!! But then also i thought hmmm maybe he is right that anron is busy? So in this email look at the last paragapahr also which is rally smart:::::

Hi Anron!! I kno u have been too busy to respond to emails, maybe bc u r sooo busy working on editing THe Eyes of Bintoobolobeck?? LOL!! :-) :-) :-)

I wanted to send u this email i gottoday, which is really mean, from this person Michael (and he has a rally strange last name like dbstaksy) and he says really mean things about u, like how u hate me and dont want to ever hlp me (but he also said that u were OK which i was happy that he told me that too bc i thought maybe u were in th hospotal or worse :-( [U really r the best mentor, and so helpful, and it makes me sad if there are ppl who try to make u not helpful to the ppl like Me who r ur biggest FANS!! :-) :-) :-D]

Percy and I also too both think that Michael is porbably jealous bc he has never asped, or if he does then maybe his asp is proably much much worse, like it doesnt teach visitors all kinds of cool and awesome things like about AvantGArd like mine do. And... we tried looking for his ASP on the internet but we couldnt find it. Since u might not want ppl talking behind ur back (especazilly if ur the big producer and u need to kleep ur re[utatoion good) then me and percy both also think u should not talk to him anymore or help him out at all ever. (if he thinks he is so great than it is ok, he, will do vry well on his own LOL!)

BUT:::: Michaels email also made me thik ::::: if it is true even a little bit that i snd too many emails then i am aware too that also i send many emails when ur busy. I promise i wont send more email and wont even come to boston oanymore to work with u on bintoobolobeck IF U JUST send me detaild comments on the "script". U can email them... Cool! THX!

James Sullivan
"Critically Acclaimed!"

OK so then i went on vacation. BUT. While I was on vacation i saw that i got an email from anron to his hole company (I am part of his company bc I get this email) and the email said he was moving to Baltmore which I was like AWESOME bc isn't in Baltimor if he is going there where they make Bollywood Movies which is like Hollywood Movies but that are made in Baltomore? Cool!

So this is the surprirse ending bc I sent him this email:::::

HI ARNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOIW! its been sooo long since i emailed u and even longer since u emailed me so i bet u miss me or maybe ur upset. lol!! but in all seriusness i shld tell u that i was away for 4th of July week and i had a great time! Cool!!! my family we went to st. louis for the week because my grandmother now lives there and she is to old to travel and it was REALLY fun!!! we did a bbq three times including on the 4th itself and also we saw the st louis fireworks thatwas amazing! ive been to st louis many times now to visit with my family so i didnt have to see the arch again which i have done many times and instead i went to the new baseball field called bush stadium were the cardnals play arizona but the cardnals lost bad and everyone was upset but i still had a good time and i had some good food at the game too. i love the USA!! GOD BLESS the USA!!!! so id say i had a GREAT vactation and i think it was an A- (minus bc percy didnty come and also bc u werent there.

now we have many many MANY things more to alk about bc it has been so long and one VERY importnat thing is that i got back and found waiting in my email another oxrock newsletter as u kno i get the emails from oxrock and its like im one of the team! and this newslettyer is from u and maybe it was ment mostly for me like a private email and this makes me feel bad bc i was mad that u werent emailing me but the oxrock mail was from u so i guess u were but i didnt kno it??! but here is the big important part of ur email:

  My wife and I will spend the month of July traveling, and will arrive

in Baltimore at the beginning of August. The OxRock business line and

my cell phone number will be
 following us there, as will my email


WHAT?!?!?!!!!!! Ur moving to baltmore???? thats crazy1 but good also! im glad u told me this now before iwent back to boston or something to find u and u werent there! and its good that u gave me ur adress now insted of after a long time of searching. is baltimore the same as bollywood? bollywood is a name i have heard of and i think its baltmore-hollywood combined right? if so than thats a great thing that u can make movies in bollywood!!! so baltmore cld be very good and maybe i can try to come this fall once ur moved in and everythgin! AWESOME!@ i was also thinking how u talked in ur email to me about making oxrock baltimore and oxrock new england and i have a MAJORLY GREAT IDEA!!!! i cld start oxrock wisconsin with u!!!!!!!!!!! what do u say do u like my idea?? i cld send the oxrock email list ppl all the oxrock wisconsin news and events and stuff every three days! let me kno and i will start right away or whenever u want and u can just tell me what i shld do to make oxrock wisconsin as big and powerful as oxrock boston and soon oxrock baltmore! its cool how ur movie chain is getting bigger and having stores everywhere like a mcdonalds for movie s or something like that!! which also gives me ANOTHER great idea which is maybe u cld give ppl happy meals when they watch ur movies and so more people will come even if its just to collect all the toys!

now back to buisness. if u remeber how i reminded u about editing my "script" do u remeber it is called the EYES OF BINTOOBOLOBECK? so i made u an offer last time about if i was annoying u then i wld stop with so many emails and everything if u just correct my "script" and tell me what u think i shld do to change it and make it greeat. but after ur email from oxrock now i think maybe i'm not annoying u bc u didnt even say anything about it?

BUT since i kno ur busy and we're good frends we can still make the deal. if u tell me that what that evil email about annoying u from dubistsky is true, and then u edit EOB for me than i understand and will leave u alone but i dont think it is true bc u never said it was. i think hes a jealus liar. i just want to show that i'm a good frend and i will leave it up to u to decide about that.

thanks for everythig andf good luck in baltimore and mayeb i'll see u there soon!!

-c.a.james =|:-)> unclesamsmiley of course it was just the 4th of july!

Now i just am going to wait for him to edit The Eyes of Bintoobolobeck and also send an email to the hole company saying that James Sullivan (Critically Acclaimd!] is now the president of the company in Wicsconscin! AMAZING!!!!!!!!! :-) :-)

That is the update… MORE TO COME! lol

!!!!!!!!THANX FOR READING!!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Movie theetar of the Future: REMOTE CONTROL!!

But: it IS about an idea for how to show "scripts" which are also called movies. Cool! So why am I having this idea you ask?? Well, it is becaue of an Ask the ASP email that i got in my email. THi was the question, from somebody name Jim:::

Hi James,
You said in one of ur aSPS reccently that you could fast forward through the boring part. How could u do that in a movie theetar??! Awesome!
Well Jim......first of all thanks for Asking the ASP! Ur question is good bc it shows u read my asp really good. It got me Thinking!

SOME MOVIES ARE VERY BORING!! and even in sojme movies iv seen it is like half an hour between car chases or even more!! So i invented a Remote Control for the Movie Theetar. And it work like this::::: When there is a prat that is boring, like a woman is in the sceen crying or something stupid like that, than, whoever in the theetar is bored like i would be can shout BORING loudly and if more than half of the ppl ar shouting BORING than that means the camerra person in the booth needs to fast forward.

Then when it is fast forwardring anybody can yell STOP if the movie looks cool again and when more than half the ppl yell STOP lso then also the cameraman in the booth needs to also stop the camera too so that ppl can watch from where it is exciting. BUT, i was also thinking well of course should there be rewind? then i thought NO! bc if u r stupid enough to miss it, then, u should have, to come back to the movie theetar and see it again, or maybe wait for it to come ont to DVD or the internet.

So this way it is good bc movies that are AvanGard and so they are boring for like 15 hours can be watched by ppl who dont understand AvanGard bc they will fastforward to like the places where ppl talk backwards and nonsense in really cool way! Awesome!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

AMAZING MOVIE IDEA: Super glass house u can thro stones in!!!

Ppl like my mom always say that u shouldnt throw stones in a glass house but what about a house that is made of all glass but the glass is bullet proof and unbrakable? WOAH. The idea is so good that i thjk that even the Homedeepo will be jealous that it didnt think of this idea. And also everything in the house like the sink and th TV and the playstation will all be glass also. Cool!!!! But they will also be unbrakabale too also.

Soooo… bc i made the idea, the "script" will be all about me making the idea and then showing it to builders and their building the house and also me living in side! but mostly it will be about me makig th idea bc the idea is the coolest part, and it will show me in places where I think like in bed or in the shower, or eat breakfast or talking to Percy or even when sit down to write the really long letters to the bushcheney!! Awesome! (This part may be like 5 hours long but ppl or the movie theter can Fast Forward if they want).

The last part which maybe is like 3/2 an hour will b about robots try to get into th house when I am there. BUT: the twist that really floats the fungus is that they use LASERS, and so they can get in bc the house was only build to be not able to get in with stones but it was built so for to be ok if it is usig lasers to get in. But then the DOUBLE-TWIST is that once they r in the house it is not bc to kill me::: but…to make me there king? Cool!

Now i maybe have to add a bit of autobiography to this idea to make it realy cool, but so far i think it is good and maybe i will start writing it after the simpsons tonight.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

NEW! Interview with a lader of the facebook!

Im posting a very special ibterview i got with a man on the facebooks whos a leader of it and ALSO makes films! His name::: DARTH VADERUS!

He's not as famous yt as anron (the director of Egypt and u can also see my other posts about him too lower on my ASP)... but maybe soo he will be one day? and also hes alot nicer than anron who has been very VERY mean to me lately :-(

BUT darthj is AWESOME!! tell me wht u think of this great darth. i kno u will love him just read his aswers that he gave to mY questins:

1. U have such a cool name! Were u named aftr the evil dictator in the Stars War? Do ppl make fun of u bc of ur name or maybe they think its cool?? (My name is very boring!!)
"I like my name too and i'm glad you think it's cool. I came used with that name to my current owners about 5 years ago so I'm not sure if the original owners were star wars fans...good question. I can only assume so though...Doesn't everyone thinkStar Wars is cool! My owners think the name is pretty cool too. No one really makes fun of my name cause I'm a pretty cool guy".

2. What is the most favorit thing u like about movies? Do u like old movies?? My mentor says that old movies are needed lots for making good new movies, but i think old movies r really boring, specialy the ones made b4 color wass invented!
"I really like movies, especially the video catnip series. ( ) Unfortunately in the old days there were no movies designed for cats like me and such I have very little interest in older movies. In terms of video catnip, my dad said it reminds him of the older movies that just had music as video catnip has video of birds and a soundtrack. I guess video catnip is in fact a trip back in time!!
The movies I make are very similar in fact to video catnip...images of places and things I do, with cool soundtracks ("

3. What is ur favorit ASP on my ASP? My ASP myblog is - Cool!!!! Would u want to make ur fav orite ASP on my ASP into a film from its "script" that i can write for 40$?
"I am not up with ASP's and stuff. If I ever come across an idea that needs a script I would be sure to contact you!"

5. Do u know how to make films? Cool!
"I do in fact using laptops and my video camera"

4. What would u do if ur mentor bcame all mean and sent u emails that said u wrote bad and also the emails tried to make u do a sucicide? and thyen u tried to visit him in BSOTON bt he didnt answe his phone when u were there and didnt even come to dinner and when he was invited?!?
"I am not sure. I would probably ensure I had a meeting arranged before traveling to Boston. For me road trips like that can be quite something as people don't often want to give me a ride even though I am pretty cool. They would rater try run me over in fact:("

6. Would u tell ur freidns about my ASP??
"Of course!! Post on my facebook wall."

7. How many ASPs every week or every day do u think an apsiriing SCREENwriter should do?
"I think a few every week for sure. I do about 1-2 movies I upload onto youtube just about every month. Darth Vaderus productions is taking off!!

7. Where r u from?
"Originally I am from a very dark, cold and barren place, somewhat out of this world. Now after my transfer to my new owners, I am living just outside Toronto Ontario in a beautiful city. I am no officially a Canadian Cat!!"

8. What are ur favrite movies? and what movies are those thatb gave u most inspiration? Awesome!
"I kinda went over this before, but I think Video Catnip kicks ass. The boys at Pet-a-vision do a great job thanks to help from people like Glenda ("

9. have u ever been in space?
A few times actually, well I have travelled well up into the Thermosphere almost into the exosphere ( in one of my jet trips where I was driving. That's pretty damn close to space!

10. what is this best way to getinto making movies in hollywood? what advise can u give about becoming a famous writer??
"I would say be original, be cool, be unique, be something someone else is not. You also have to try ridiculously hard so if buddy snuffed you off, screw him as you are better than that crap and you need to try hearder in a different way"11. how long ahve u beesn making films?"About 2 months now. I hope to carry on making many more films and getting 1 million uyou tube hits before my son kills me."

12. how much mony do u usualy make from ur movies? do u have a mashion or just like a good house with a pool, or maybe even a helicopter??
" I have a kick ass cat patio, and ya my house is a total mansion. I have a ultra king sized bed ( all to myself. I don;t have a helicopter but I can fly jets and have a few photod on my facebook page to prove and one also attached here"

13. Of the folowing, which of the folowing is what u best like in a story? and also WHY? is it A) Autobiography or B) Irony (like eating babies) or maybe C) Robots and also ninjas ??
"Today - In a facebook world - Autobiography should be the obvious 1st but I say ROBOTS!! One day very soon the world is going to be run by robots. Did you know if 5 years you will be able to buy a computer that has more computational power than the human brain! My buddy Marshall has some good ideas on this stuff."
THANX SO MUCH!!! My fans will really luv to here this interviw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Serius Avant Gard Idea for Very Long "Script": "The Bushcheney on the Moon"

Here is a quiz about making screenplays::: All "scripts" need a story right?

**!!!WRONG!!!!** lol

When a script is AVANT GARD (which pernounces like Oven Guard") it is okey if there isnt really a story, which, makes th job of the writer who makes the "script" really a lot easier! So like in Jurasic Park (Anron's favorit movie!) the director (I think maybe it was anron?) needed to decide what would happen at the end of the movie and would the dinosors die or live and what about the ppl also, would thy live or die, and this was really complicated bc there were lots of ppl, and some of them looked a like and I couldnt even really tell for lots of the movie what was going on, so decideing how to end the movie must have been very hard!!!! BUT, if Jurasic Park was AvantGard, then they wolud not have needed to do thios bc the story does not matter if it is AVanGard and so at the end maybe the dinos could have taken off costumes and shown that they are actually ppl and then they could read poetry from a distant planet and then at the very end th earth could fly thru a blackhole into heaven.

Thre is only 1 problem with AvanGard writing and it is that bc Avangard means not make sense, so u cant tell jokes, and so Avangard "scripts" have to be serius, and so any of u who read my "Script" the OGDOAD which was about anchint Egypt and also Hurricaine Katrina and even the Bushcheney too and ppl sleeping bad, maybe thought it was boring. But it isn't boring!! In fact in an Avagard screenplay u can still have chase seens and ninjas and robots but it cant make sense so like the robot could be chasing the ninja in the river but then the river has to become a termite, or maybe a book, by the end of the Scene.

That is what happens in my newest ASP idea "The Bushcheney on the MOON" which is about the Bushcheney tries to take over the world, but then the world becomes the moon, and also lots of childern sing Xmas carrols while it snows and the Bushcheney turns into a plow and uses the plow to build a manshin out of brick where the Ninja lives and then the ninja chases the robot-King on a riverand that becomes a termite that sings poems. Awesome! I wrote this script by taking old newspapers ad cutting them up and sometimes turningn them upside down and thn put them back togethwr and sometimes use only the first 4 words of each sentance! Wow!!!! I think it will be probably 9 hours long, so bring a sleeping bag when u see it!!! :-)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

an ASP of how busy i am with many thing!!

oh u will all enjoy to know that i have so much to do gfor all kinds of things right now but i am still taking some time of the day to ASP!!!

heres some BIGBIG things that are going on rite NOW! - 1 i have gone back to my old job at the 99cent Book store for the first time since my little problem in march where someone (im not aying who but maybe anron?) sent a very mean email about how bad i was and it made me sad so i tried a suicide whgich was stgupid and u shouldnt do it but i was very upset and didnt kno what else to do but next time maybe i will instead just watch a bunch of my favrite movies which coud cheer me right back up! but even so it is very good to be back at working even if it is very boring a lot i still make some mony 2 i have found someone online named Dartn vaderus kinda like the guy from star wars who also likes to make movies and i odnt kno yet if hes as good and famous as arnon but i have sent him som interview questions and when he send s it back to me with answers i will post it right hereon AsP for all my fans and can get to learn more about films!!!!!!! Awesome! 3 as i said in the aSP below now im writing onut a screenplay for the movie the Eyes of Bintoobolobeck and its getting longer evryday! soon it will be finished and ready to be made into a movie so let me kno if u want to make it into a movie or if u want a copy of it i could send u one for $40.

here is another part of it:


We r too late again


We hav to ogo faster next time?


            Let us next time put more nuculer fule in our engines


            Could we maybe add also a a lot of matches tied togethr to make a giant match ball?


            I will think about it.


            Or also we coud get horses to pull us like in olden times.


            Nuculer horses could fly very fast!


            Yes I was thinking that.

            ALIEN1 (looking out a window in the ship)

I have thouht about the matches. No. We shoud go now and do the important things we have plannd bc the world is in a danger that is very bad and I think no onme will be safe unless we can stop the evil god for all costs but we will not go so far as egypt to stop him bc that is too far.

isnt that really good?

also now i will give u a thing which i talked about before called fun Fact of the week. so here is a good one- ppl need to elave earth and go to new planets bc this planet will be bad to live on soo
n and ppl here would die and the best planet to do this on is a place called europa that is one of the moons of a different plant maybe neptune? i cant remember but we could all go to europa and live there safewly without a global warming! here is a pic of europa our new home one day????

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Back from Boston and WRITING a "SCRIPT": "The Eyes of Bintoobolobeck"!!!!!

Good news FANS! Bosto was AWESOME ad my friend and Mentor ANRON and me had soooo mcuh fun!! Arnron did NOT ignore me and really came to see me at where i was staying and he came for dinner like he was invited to instad of never showing up! COOL! And also he responded to all my emails too when i was in bostrn and we did soo many things for real like in boston and camebriedge and even took a road trip to go camping and also do a sky dive, and it wasnt imaginary even! Wow! Percy has made me photo pictures of all of this which i will post on my ASP soon.......

AND guess what?! I'm writig a "script"!! I know a lot of my ASP is ideas for "scripts" but this is a real screenplay that maybe will be made in HollyWood!!!! It is called the EYES OF BINTOOBOLOBECK and it is a dark comedy drama with parts of autobiograpghy.

This is a part of it 2 teas u lol!! :::

MAD DOCTOR AL (the evil Jesus of the god Bitoobolobeck) IS in his basemet making plans to kill BILLYBOB HYCKUP whn the leader of the ninjas walks in.

I AM the leader of the ninja.

Maybe u thought u were but not anymore. Bitokibolowbdck put ME in charge of th ninja, and together and also with the disease too we ar going to kill BILLYBOB HYCKUP, who stole Bintoobolsacovk’s eyes.

You are misytaken.

No I am not. I hear Bintoobolobedckw’s voice.

Proov it.

OK I will take a microfone ad put it in my ear and u will har hi voice lol.

It is kareaookee night at the disco so there will be a microfo there.

As u can see, its really good!!!!!! Stay toond on the ASP for much more to come, and as always, THANX FOR VISITING ASP and se u again soon!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Note from me a bout my blog AsP

this is just a qui k ASP now to tell u some new things i will be changing for my blog ASP. I think im going to start a new sexction to do once-in-a-while called "Ask the Asp" where if u email me questions and comment s i will take some good ones and post them on my aSP and if there questions i will anser them and if they are comments i can say why I like them! the rules for how to get a question on my ASP are that u can send it to and u have to start each email with Dear5 ASP or otherwise I wont look at it!!! If they are good quewstions, u will be on my AsP. Awesome! her is an example of a good email-

Dear ASP,

i really like ur blog Asp. it teaches me a lot about movies and its funny and really intresting. u are very good at it! why is Anron so mean to u?i think he might be jealous like if u might become better then him at making movies!

- Jack

then I will post it and say what i think of it like-

jack u made some good points! Anron is very jealous bc he knows that one day the mentor will be passed by the guyd who he was teching, James Sullivan! lol!! he is mean and he is a trite which is bad. i'm glad i have FANS like u jack to show directors like aron how ghood my ASP is!

now here is one ask the ASp which is bad and i wouldnt put on asp-

James, I am mad at you because you are very pushy, arrogant, and resistant to criticism. I don't want to help you because when I give you the best advice that I can, you get offended, instead of taking it seriously.
You write so poorly that I honestly don't believe that you are a real person. You really do come across as some sort of joke. Until you realize that you need to learn to write and communicate more effectively, there is nothing more that I can teach you.

There are many things why that email isnt good enough for an Ask the Asp which u can probally tell and u can see he didnt write "dear Asp" to start it either. if someone actually wrote that they are an ego. what a bad email.

also one nother section i will add to aSP will be Fun fact of the week! where i will tell u an intresting and suprising thing that u did not know and is cool1!!! Here is my first one.

Fun Fact of the week- women live longer then men but men are taller then women. WHAT?!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Soon i will Visti boston where ARnon is there in Camebridge!

in a very shot time i will be a lucky man ;-) bc i will be going to BOSTON on the est coast and that is where the directer arnon shorr lives who also is my mentor until he made me very mad with an email he wrote and u can see my post on it a few dowmn from this one. he lives in a place called camebridge which is in boston somewhere and i think it might be like a hollywood but for boston, like how hollywood is in los anjelos. i dont know how big arnon's studios 'oxrock studios' are but if i had to guess i would maybe say they are big enough for making a movie with an action sceen in it that can have over fifty ninjas or thirty robots.

Also the pic here in this asp is of a building in camebridge that looks to me like a cassle and wouldnt that be cool too if maybe there are cassles there too! lol!

i still am not sure why arnnon got so mean and im also kinda mad-sad about this, but a new possablity is maybe its cuz i wasnt calling him mr. Shorr??? directors can be very strict and like themselves a lot, like they are an ego, and not saying mr. shorr may be is how come arnon got really mad at me. also i'm trying in this post to bevery careful in spelling his name "arnon" righte bc he has told me my mistake of anron before and I mess it up alot and this could be a way to make him like me again/.

so now i will be going to boston and i have a great plan for arnon when i see him. after he apologizes to me we will tal;k much about making movies and we can watch some movies and if there is time we could even MAKE one or two movies if I bring some screenplays to him!!!! he is very excited i could tell already and i think he maybe wants to throw me a birthdya party bc he asked about my age like for candles on a cake, but my birthday is not until july!!!1 loL! but i would still eaT the cake so MR. shorr if u want to get me a cake go ahead!!!! :-))

u can probably tell i am very excited to be with arnon bc i have looked up to him for a long time. if u are just now looking at AsP i have 2 pics of him below they are black and white (like an old movie - u can see his influinses) and he has a beard bc if ur beard is too short in egypt they will kill u and take ur wife and put her into mummy rapping.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

A.N.R.O.N.O.N.: Destinashion: Wolf Party

I had this great idea for a "script" that came 2 me in a dream. well, not really a dream LOL, more like I saw a stroy on the telelavission called "the Unsolved mystries" and then I went to sleep and when i woke up I had this idea. Ready? Ok! here it is: it's called "A.N.R.O.N.O.N.: DestniaShion: Wolf Party"!!!!

its about the future in a world ruled by supercybrogrobots called "mentors". At first, they were made to teach people, and they did and the peopel were happy and wrote great "scripts" and learnd about old things like old movies that weren't in color and boring. but then the mentors turn mean and start taking over peoples brains and tell them there dumb and then people start committing suicides but they mess up and just end up in the time-out home with the locks. In the end the "mentors" form one giant mentor to fight against an alien invashion like in Mighty Mrophin Powerrangers!! That parts from percy it is his most favirite story on the telvisoin. But the part that really claps the butterscotch is that the aliens are really people rebels that escaped to the moon to fight the evil empire of "mentors" and there "squwall troopers". So the "mentors" transform (maybe they can say something like 'go-go-mentorgiant-go") and they become one giant "mentor" named "ANRONON". The A stands for Anronon, the N stands from nife, the 'R standsfor robot (or ronald maybe i can have it be another clown-president movie), the O stands for "o"…and I knew what the rest stood for when I woke up but then my mom made me take out the garbage when I wa writing it down and i said "no mom I'm writing a "script" but she didn't listen (she doesn't undrastand art!!!!) so then i came back and forgot what the other letters stand for. but it was pretty amazing when I knew! Sometimes mom isn't awesome. But usually she is!!!! and that's why this story is an autobiography.

aalso, "wolf party" just sounds cool and kinda scarey. and maybe all the mentors will actually be wolfs and have a pool party at there house in boston at the end and invite the moonrebels with those funny party hats on and everone will be frends again. COOL!!@

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Okee so i know its been a wile since I last ASPED, and maybe that worried u bc in my last ASP i said that i maybe would do a suicide bc of th evil Director of Egypt named Arnon who tried to ruin my writeing carer? Well LOL it didnt!!! :-) and the reason is that something else happensd which is very bad but also not as bad as arnon either, and that bad thing is TAXES, and also they r very hard to do and so they hav been keeping me busy too so that I do nnot have to think about how depresed I am all the time, but only some of th time. (Also work at the 99cent book store wanted to fire me bc I didnt come in to work for a buch of days, like a week, but then my mom came in with me and made them understand that it was bc of my HollyWood dreams, and they were OK with that, and now they even ask me about my ASP and read it!)

I hate taxes!!!! i can never understand what to do, and who does the money go to when i do it and I fill out all the confusing lines and do additions and thjings like that? The goverment?? But then what do they do with it do thy pay the president?!?! I don't make that much $$ anyway so why do they want some of it ad why do they have to make me add things and also find things like "dependants" but I dont even know what those r!!

So maybe one idea for a MOVIE (yes I am not to depressed too not think about never making film ideas or "scripts" anymor all the time) could be called something like TAX SHEILD (which was a word in the headline of a newspaper i saw yestarday) and it could be about a man who makes people not pay taxes bc he has a big sheild that protects them from the goverment and the shield gets bigger and bigger ad bigger and mor and more ppl do not pay taxees and so the President doesnt get payed!! OH NO!


IMPORTANT UPDATE: OK so that post was sort of a lie a bit bc i didnt do my own taxes but I saw my dad do the tax and got jealous and tried to do it myself on his tax but it was to hard and I messed things up and he was sort of angry, so i didnt rally do the taxes, and so also the real reason i didn't ASP for 3 weeks is bc i tried to do a suicide and was in the hospital for 18 days.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Stupid emauil makes me stop ASPing for days, and also angry, at my mentor who was suposed to help me, and i dont know why he didnt but now i am mAD

as u porbably know my mentor is a director and produrcer named anon shorr. we have been friends for many years now after i found his website and sent him and emnail; and we started talking aboiut how to make movies like we both do. so all the time i have ideas and questions about movies and if arnorn will make my movies and he has given me great answers and advise and even the interview u can see on my AsP, but now something very bad and sad has happened and for awhile it made me want to do a suicide and i had to leave my work until i got better which could still be a few weeks or even some more then thAt. i searched on craiglist about movies and writers and i wanted to tell a jobpost i found that they should hire me to write there tv show and i asked arnon shorr to read my response to the craigslister and what he wrote back made me cry. here is an example from his email:
"I think it's awful. James, it makes you seem totally unprofessional and disorganized.You are not a "MASTER" screenwriter. You've never had any of your work produced by any major company. You write your emails like a fourth-grader, not like a "master screenwriter". You are also not "Critically Acclaimed". James, please study writing extensively. When you've graduated from at least a two-year college, contact me again. Any time you try to sell your ideas before you actually learn how to write will be wasted time."
I thought first that maybe he was being sarcastic or something bc he is usually veryu nice like a friend but i showed matt and he said he thought it was serious. WHY ARMRON????????????? this is very bad. i dont know if i should be doing film or writing and i dont know about anything. if i am so stupid why am i getting emails for two years from a MASTER DIRECTOR? am i a waste of time lik mny movies which my family say are good ideas and very creative. sometimes people can be very mean in life and try to hurt you and i think arnoon wanted to make me so sad that i would stop making films, but i dont know why bc i thought he was on my side to help me get to the top like him. either he is jealous or this is some egyptian trick like making a statue with a man's head and a lions body even though no one looks like that. the email really made me very upset and now maybe my whole life is wasted and pointless if arnon is right. the last week which i have been mostly in my room and all this made me think of a new idea which ARNOM may hate but it's called "the bad mentor" where a guy has a mentor to get help and advise from but the mentor is jealous and scared of the guy so he tried to make him fail and do a suicide, but the guy realizes whats going on so he doesnt do a suicide and instead he goes to find the mentor and get revenge.
but i dont think i will ever write this movie unless i have more ideas bc maybe it is a piece of "trite" which is what aron said about my ronald mcreagan idea which means very bad like a gimmick. also i didnt ever know befor e that u cant make movies unless u have gone to a two year college but why didnt arnor tell me this when we first started talking i could have done it by now and now it is too late. so have i WASTED MY LIFE?????

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

REad this Screenplay, Craigslist!

what would be a great idea for a movie is a new idea i got based mostly on autobiograpbhny and also somewhat on a job i found on the internet at a place called a "craigslist" which makes lists of things to do or buy. My idea is abiout a movie about a gourp of guys who have to right a tv show like Seinfeld and The office but they need a new partner!! they have four guys originally but one of them gets kicked out bc he was really a spy ffrom an enemy tv show like fRiends or Raymond.
they need a new guy to replace him and also the trator was the best writer they had so they need to get like a superwriter whos even better instead - WOW!. Then they decide they should have a contedst and whoever can write a shoiw the fasetst and also the best will win and here's the part that makes the turkey gobble, the old trator writer who got kicked off builds a writing robot tht looks like a human to go and win the contest so he can keep spying on the other writers. Awesome!
The image
before the robot wins though another guy in the contest who is a writer from wisconsin named Dunbar Carthage sees that the eyes of one of the others always glows bright red like maybe they have lasers or something and then he realizes trhat the guy also never eats or sleeps he just keeps writing all day -- all the writers in the contest arte locked up in a big house togetyher btw-- but when Dunbar Carthage tried to tell the tv writers that one of the contestants is a robot, the robot tries to kill him and there's a big chase sceen around the house and the robot is killing lots of other writers in the contesyt by accident, it shoots soome and blows some up and then cuts someone's head off bc he is trying to kill Dunbar Carthage but hes too fast lol!! then Dunbar tells the tv writers about the robot they go in to the house with grenade lonchers and destroy the robot. The tv writers are so happy that they offer him the writign job but Dunbar says no, i want to win it fairly with writing and the tv writers say u are the best writer and we were going to give u the job anyway. so Dunbar take the job and moves to hollywood and becomse a great writer but then the old writer gets really jealous bc dunbar is even better than him so he starts to build a new robot to kill dunbar and then the movie ends and says "to be continued in a sequal". Cool! i caN'T wait to write that movie too lol!!
do you love my idea? i think its very clever and funny and would be a great movie or if u think about it even a tv show! this is very profitible and will make u alot of money and i have many more ideas too that u can hire me to make for u!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Director Arnon Shorr my Mentor is busy with many Projects!!

So i asked arnon shorr, my mentor in an email a lot of questions that were important and OMG he sent me this reply he said
James, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I can’t be a very active guide for you – I am very busy with my own projects.
so of course my first impulsive when i got thias email was to do suicide, but then i thought about it i thought hemmmm well maybe hes busy with really cool projects like a tv show and it is secret?? I think bc he is from egypt he maybe could be making a really cool TV show! like maybe about how an ashient Egyptian gets buried in a pyramid and then after a million years arcaolgists FIND the pyramid under ground and he is still in it and now he has to exist in todays time!! And he gets very rich by writing a book about history of the Egyptians and everyone wonders, how does he know so much? and its bc he was there!! Also maybe arnron would have him write the book in the funny Egyptian language with the birds and ppl dancing and stuff. Who knows?? He is soooo craetive!!!

Friday, March 2, 2007

A Sequal to Princess Bride!

So I really like sequals these days! Maybe u read my post about a sequal to Farenhight 911 called Farenhight 411 which is down lower on this blog my ASP?

Well this one is about a sequal to Princess Bride, a really good "script"!

No, I am not talking about Princess Diairies!!! Ever since director and mentor of mine Arnon Shorr told readers on my ASP in a really good interview that watching old movies is good for making new movies even tho old movies are boring especially ones in black and white, I have watched a lot of old movies and Princess Bride is actyually a really good! tHE MOvie is a bout a princess who is going to be married but there is a guy whose named Lisa Toyota (i think he is supposed to be chinese bc of the name but he didnt look chinese which is a big problem) and Lisa Toyota keeps saying over again and again that: My Name Is Lisa Toyota And You Killed Your Father So Now You Should Prepare To Die. I didnt really understand the ending bc a lot of chataccrers looked a like, and also PErcy had to go to bed and so he couldnt explain it to me any more, but the part before about drinking poison was really awesome!!!

The sequal which is a "script" i am writing, and I think it will be called Princess Bride Diairies. Cool!

Lady and the Bookshelf: GREAT NEW IDEA!

OMG1! so last week this pretty lady with a white scarf and sortof old came into the store (the book store where I sometimes work bc my parents made me get a job but that it has also been ok bc i can read and get ideas for ASP ideas also and its also fun too:-) ) and so wen this lady int he white scarf came in store i think i fell in love LOL! so i saw what books she was buying and it was one about a guide to gardenng for an idiot (but she looked more smart than an idiot so maybe it was a prsent to some one else lol) and she also bought a book with pictures of different plants, which i think maybe that she wants to gro in her garden. lol maybe she IS an idiot bc it is winter and who wants to make a garden in winter?!?! or maybe she is smart and learning about garndending before it is warmer outside, i dont know. But i can ask her next time she comes in bc now I know she likes gardending!
So my idea (and i just wish this could be a bit more autobiographical) is about a guy who works in a bookstore (the 99 cent book store or maybe a nicer one like a 200 cent store) and falls in love with a customer and leanrs what she likes to do and so whenever she comes in he buyus her a present about something she likes! and she always wonders omg how does that guy know what i lik so much? maybe he can read my mind! and she falls in love with him too and they move to some place where they can garden all year bc that is what she likes to do, BUT, the twist that really crisps the butter is that actually the book store man CAN really read her mind and he finds out that she loves the garden more than him and this makes him mad and so one day he asks her he says ok so if u love the garden so much why dont u just become fertalizer for the garden? and so thats what he does he turns her into fertalizer.

I hav to do more "research" into how ppl can be made into fertalizer but i think maybe it doesnt need to really be explained. What do u think? Let me and my ASP know!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Work Gave me a plan

I have now officiulay been working one week, and of course i will tell you that it is nice to be making some cash so i can gfinally start making my own movie like Arnor Shorr does too. let me tell u a little about my first week at 99 Cent Book Store where i work. as I ASped before i work on monday wensday and saturday bc its a parttime job, not full time like lawyer or carpenter. what i did was very important for the bookstore bc each week they get in some new books and also have to replace books theyve sold with extras they have in the back room. i work at putting out new books and taking old ones from the back and putting them in, for example on wendsday we ran out of a book caled "the south beach diet" and i had to put out five new copies in case more people wanted to buy one. sometimes i also have to look at some rows and see if books are out of the normal order and make them right if they are.

the job is nice too bc i work on those days only 4 hours ansd sometimes there's free time to do things. many times if i dont need to be doing stacking or book order, i will see if there arew some good books that will help me with my films. also sometimes i can get ideas without looking at books and I have a story about how i came up with a new movie idea titled "Hypno-Stapler". What happened was yesterday i had soem free time and insted of looking at books i decided to take a nap in the back office which has a couch in it. But i couldnt fall asleep! so i stared at some stuff in the room and i saw there's a stapler on the desk and i thought "hey maybe i could write something about a stapler for a movie" and then i thought of a title it could be "Hypno-stapler." i don't know the plot yet, maybe it will also have a staple remover too, but i think this should be a short movie like maybe a few minutes and if people really like it i could make a sequal that is even longer like 2 hours.

ok right, now this is why this idea will really thicken the gravy. i would like this to be th first movie i make myself bc it is short and i already know where i can get a very important part of it- the stapler! lol! so i will try to find someone with a video camera to lend to me and then i will write the screenplay for ';hypno-Stapler" and when it is done i will put it on my ASP so people could see it and say "hey that's a good movie let's invite this guy to our big manshin in LA and buy some of his other movies like Envelope Team and Nuclear MEmory". i think this will be my plan for the next few weeks and it could even be my brake into Hollywood!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

FARENHEIGHT 411... Sequal to the classic!!

One of the best dark comedys I have seen is Farenheight 911 which was funny for a few reasons, first of all bc it was one guy talking the whole time, which is very new and not alot of movies do that lol! and also bc it was a bit autobiographical about the Bushcheney. It is mostly about emergecies (9-1-1 is the world's number for emergency)a nd there was this really awesome emergency sceen at the beginning where a guy has his head chopped off in Arabia!! Cool! But then it gets sort of boring after that. And also there were some sad parts too like also when the World tradetowers exploded i didnt thik that emergency should have happened.

So i am of course writing a sequal called Farenheight 411 which is more funny and also not as sad and of coutse the same funy guy speaks the whole time thru this sequal also, and when he has nothing to say he whistles theme songs from TV shows! Awesome!

So just like Farenhight 911 was about emergenceis, this one will be about calling for information bc that is what it is on the phone when you call 4-1-1. Ad so this one will be about the Bushcheney, who is from TEXAS, finding the best pizza, and they find the pizza places by dial 4-1-1! And also in a twist that really shakes the bacon, the best pizza in TEXAS is made by the same guy from arabia who had his head chopped off in 911, but now his head is sewd back on lol! And then the bushcheney has to make a big decision: should he chop off the guy's head again and steal the pizza which is the best in TEXAS or will he invade Canada to be able to find the best pizza there? (I sort of live near canada which is across the big lakes) So in the end they call 411 to find out what they should do – but I'm not going to give away the ending of what 4-1-1 tells them LOL!!!!! :-) Also a nother joke thru the whol thing is that 4-1-1 tells the bushcheney which color ties to wear and what laws to make.